C3 is the most reputed contracting & trading firm for commercial, residential and industrial construction.


We are highly experienced in a variety of construction methods.

Any type of standard concreting foundations. We also do access road and compound construction, site grounding, electrical etc. We have large number of skilled workforce including qualified managers, engineers, and technicians working in various locations for civil projects.

We are committed to deliver the best quality of the work on time to ensure clients satisfaction.


With the increasing demand of the consumers, while the new industries are going to take place in the market we have developed ourselves in the following disciplines to get the confidence of our valuable customers:

Installation of Plants, Equipments, Machines and Steel Structure.

Steel Piping for Chillers, Boilers, Pneumatic Systems, Hydraulic Systems and etc.

Conveyer’s installation.

Installation of Pre-Fabricated Tanks.

Automation works.

Electrical Motors and Generators Installation.

MV, LV, and MCC Panels Installation.

Transformers Installation.

Power and Control Cabling.

Instrumentation cabling network from control room to all field devices like measuring Instruments, Temperature Sensors, Control Devices and etc.

PLC/DDC Installation and Programming.

Perform during Shut Down periods.

Further more on demand of any Production Industry we can design any type of Innovative automation system to increase the Productivity, Quality and Performance of any machine.