We undertake full responsibility for all building activities in MEP & HVAC

ELECTRO MECHANICAL (Pipeline & Building Projects)

We provide the services for all Commercial, Residential, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Shopping Malls and Multi Stories Buildings Projects which covers the following activities:

  1. Portable & waste water Pipe line ( Excavation , Backfilling & Pipe Installation Etc.)
  2. Chillier Piping.
  3. Chillers Installation.
  4. PACU Installation.
  5. Fabrication & Installation of HVAC Ducts.
  6. Plumbing works.
  7. Fire Fighting works.
  8. Testing & Commissioning.
  9. Porta-Cabin Fabrication Work .


In this section we cover all the following fields:

  1. CCTV System Installation.
  2. Public Address System Installation.
  3. Building Management System Installation.
  4. Voice System Installation.
  5. Video Conference System
  6. Fire Alarm System Installation.